The Last Landing on The Moon
Apollo 17
Real-time Mission Experience
Thu Dec 07 1972
12:32:00 AM
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Mission Status

Mission Day: /13

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Crew Status:

Current velocity:

Command Module:
Distance from Earth:

Biometric Data (Heart / Metabolic rates):
Cernan: 100 bpm / 100 btu/hr
Schmitt: 100 bpm / 100 btu/hr
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A real-time interactive journey through the last landing on the Moon.
"When I left the Moon and started up the ladder, I was really at a loss. I didn’t want to leave and I looked down at my last footsteps and realised I wasn’t coming this way again. Looking back over my shoulder at the Earth had a particular significance to me – it was alive, it was moving, with purpose and beauty through space and time. In those short few minutes I wanted to figure out what was the meaning of us – everyone alive in the world today…I wanted to press the freeze button, stop time to give myself a chance to think about it."
Gene Cernan
Commander, Apollo 17
The last man to walk on the moon


Ben Feist: Concept, research, mission data restoration, audio/video, architecture and programming. Follow @BenFeist for updates.
Chris Bennett: Visual design, interface styling and programming.


David Woods: Author, How Apollo Flew to the Moon
Kipp Teague: Apollo mission photography
Stephen Slater: Archive Producer, Last Man on the Moon
Dr. Noah Petro and Ernie Wright: Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, NASA
Robin Wheeler: Transcript corrections
Apollo Flight Journal
Apollo Lunar Surface Journal
Houston Audio Control Room, Johnson Space Center, NASA
Internet Archive
The crew of Apollo 17

A real-time journey through last landing on the Moon.
This multimedia project consists entirely of original historical mission material
Relive the mission as it occurred in 1972
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51 years ago
Thu Dec 07 1972
12:32:00 AM
Current time in 1972
Included real-time elements:
  • All mission control film footage
  • All on-board television and film footage
  • 302 hours of space-to-ground audio
  • All on-board recorder audio
  • 3,600+ photographs
  • 35,800 searchable utterances
  • Landing area reconstruction using Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter data
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